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Puerto Rico Bus, Again!

Before our arrival in San Juan, we had decided that we’re going to change our lifestyle when it comes to physical activity. Working online means a lot of sedentary time – whether sitting or standing. To make sure we walked more, we chose not to own any kind of vehicle in Puerto Rico. Instead, we walk as much as we can and we take the bus, the taxi or Uber when necessary.

Most of the times we take either the T5 Bus or the D53. The T5 goes all the way from the terminal Iturregui in Carolina to the terminal in Old San Juan or Viejo San Juan. It passes through the airport departures and arrivals on to Avenida Isla Verde (where we live) and then through the arty Calle Loiza to Miramar and then to Old Town.

The D53 takes a different course from Isla Verde to Old San Juan as it makes a right and goes in to Condado, an area rich with expats from mainland US and then to the convention center before heading to the end terminal at Viejo San Juan.

To take the bus all you need is 75 cents, in coins. The bus takes any type of coins (as long as they are American currency coins, of course) but does not accept bills. If you do not have coins on you when you board the bus, you can ask and almost always one or more passengers will offer to change the bills for you. The buses are all equipped with air conditions and usually have enough seats for all aboard to sit down – except during rush hour. To ask the driver to stop, you can press one of the yellow strips on the sides of the bus or pull down the yellow thread if your bus has it. A red sign will light up at the front of the bus, indicating the bus is going to stop at the next “Parada”. Enjoy the ride!



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